Committees of CouncilEdgewood Borough

Council Officers & Members

Patricia M. Schaefer, President
George Fuller, Vice President
Justin Petrolla, President Pro Tem

John F. Bright, Jack Wilson, Marc A. Wallace, & John L. Wainright

Mayor: J. Edward Cook

Council Representative Committees

Community Development: Marc Wallace, Jack Bright, Jack Wilson
Community Service: Justin Petrolla, John Wainright, Pat Schaefer
Dept. of Public Works: Jack Wilson, Pat Schaefer, Justin Petrolla
General Government: John Wainright, Jack Bright, Marc Wallace
Pension: Jack Bright, Marc Wallace, George Fuller
Personnel: George Fuller, Justin Petrolla, Pat Schaefer
Public Safety: George Fuller, John Wainright, Jack Wilson

Ad Hoc Committees

Council of Governments: Jack Wilson, Pat Schaefer
CONNECT: Pat Schaefer; John Wainright, (Alternate: Julie Bastianini)
3 Rivers Wet Weather: Pat Schaefer, Justin Petrolla
Act 32: Julie Bastianini (Boro Manager); Jack Wilson

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