2019 Parking Permits


2019 Borough parking passes will go on sale December 3, 2018.

Applications for the Borough's off-street parking lots will be accepted starting on December 3, 2018.

On December 17, 2018, permits for parking lots will be issued based upon requests. If more applications are received than there are available parking spaces, a lottery will be held. No resident will be issued a second permit for a lot until all initial requests are processed.  

ALL APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED to present proof of residency (Driver's License, Tax Bill, Lease, etc.), along with current registration, and insurance for each vehicle being registered. Submit application with check or money order payable to Edgewood Borough, 2 Race Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15218. Cash payments will only be accepted in person at the Borough Building.               

No resident will be issued a second lot permit until all initial requests are processed.  

A hanging tag will be issued to residents for their overnight visitors for a fee (as described on the application).

This pass may be transferred from one visitor's car to another and is valid for the entire year.  

As a reminder, each driver with a vehicle registered in the borough is able to purchase a residential parking pass. Visitor passes may not be used on any vehicle that is registered within the borough.  

The following application can be completed online, saved to your computer, and printed for mailing to the Edgewood Borough office.
Click the following link to download the new 2019 Parking Permit Application

Parking Permit Fees  

  • Residential: $20 per year
  • Visitor: $20 per year
  • Borough lot: $60 per year
  • Non-resident permit: $120 per year
  • Commercial vehicle - Borough lot: $150 per year
  • Recreational vehicle - Borough lot: $240 per year
  • Add $1.50 for applications completed via US Mail

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