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Tai Chi Spring Session held inside the Koenig Field House

Join us for Tai Chi in the Park, the newest addition to our fitness offerings for adults in Edgewood. All classes will take place in the Field House at Koenig Field at 301 Greendale Avenue, Edgewood PA 15218.

Jon Wilson leads this class Mondays from 7:30-8:30pm March 11 April 29.

Pre-register for $70 by returning the registration form and fee before March 11 to Recreation at 2 Race Street, Edgewood, PA 15218. Drop-in fee is $15. (So pre-registration can save you over 60% on all classes!)

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to complete your registration form if you are dropping in. Click Here for the registration form. (Pre-registration ends March 11. This class is for adults 18 and over.

Be sure to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. If you have any questions, contact Jessica at or 412-242-4824 We hope you'll enjoy this peaceful time to center yourself!

About the Instructor: Jon is the Assistant Instructor at Steel Dragon Martial Arts in Lawrenceville. He teaches an after-school Kung Fu program at Reserve Primary School in Shaler as well as ongoing classes at Shepherd Wellness in Bloomfield. He trains and teaches in several different styles of Kung Fu including: Wu Style Tai Chi, Ying Jow Kuen, Bagua Zhang, and Xing-Yi Quan. In 2012, he became the Senior Disciple of Chris Young under the Yin Cheng Gong Fa lineage. 

Please Help Us Keep Roads and Walkways Clear

During these cold and snowy winter months, Edgewood Borough would like to remind our residents of a few tips to help us get through the winter.

Please remember to keep your sidewalks clear of snow and ice. This not only helps keep Edgewood a walkable community, but un-shoveled sidewalks look like no one is home and could be a tip to would-be burglars. Check in on your neighbors, and even offer to help shovel for someone who is unable to do it themselves.

Our public works crews are working hard to keep our streets salted and plowed. Please help them out by not shoveling snow back into the roadway. If you park on the street, please park as close as possible to the curb to allow us to treat the roads. Tuck in your side mirrors, too!

When walking your dogs, please continue to pick up after them even when there is snow.

Most importantly - stay warm and safe!

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